KaiserWelt Scheffau

In the KaiserWelt on the Brandstadl at the village of Scheffau, a cheery Emperor of Games invites all his little subjects in to his castle and the unique realm where they can romp and play to their heart's content. A sporting course forms the centrepiece of the KaiserWelt, although it is also worth taking a walk through the Little People's forest or enjoying the views from the treehouses or taking a creative dip into the imperial handicraft workshop.

Sailors ahoy on the Jochstub'n See

As there is something lurking behind virtually every tree and hillock in the Tyrolean mountain adventure worlds, it shouldn't come as a surprise that near the KaiserWelt at a height of 1,650m you can also go sailing. Indeed, there is a ship anchored on the Jochstub'n See and the captain invites young landlubbers to join him in sailing antics up a mountain! The KaiserWelt Scheffau is sure to be a holiday hit with its numerous adventures on land and on water!